Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Daenerys Targaryen "Pyre Scene" Braid.

Back in 2011 I made this annoyingly long hair tutorial for that fancy Daenerys braid that everyone was in love with after Game of Thrones, Season 1 ended.

I'd been on youtube for a little over a year, and was eager to please my subscribers with what I was positive would become a hugely popular hairstyle in the beauty community.

The result was this:

This was only the second or third time I'd tried this out, the first being the previous day. I'd been so enthralled by the climactic and epic ending of Episode 10, that I didn't look as thoroughly at her hairstyle. I mean, with dragons hatching, witches being burned in sacrificial burial pyres, and beautiful heroines escaping dangerous fires unscathed and unclothed, why would I have?

To my surprise the video, which admittedly is way too long (and features a very shy, yet garrulous me), became, and continues to become, one of my most viewed. Well this and the "how to use a tampon" video.

(Go figure. Tampons and Daenerys Targaryen. Yup.)

Having very little experience with "vlogging" AND only moderate practice with braiding and hair styling at the time, I've thought about updating this famous braid in a video for several months. 
Every once in awhile I go through a couple of weeks of what my husband jokingly refers to as "hair block," and then just as I'm about to get down to it, I'll immediately see a style that catches my eye and puts the old Pyre Braid back down on the bottom of the list. 

That changed a couple of days ago, when I forced myself to film this.

I'm quite happy with this new version, and its not just because the new video is a whole ten minutes shorter. I've just learned so much more in between then and now, and I'm happy to say that I feel quite content with this rendition!

So whats different between the old and new?

In the old version I split the hair into several sections and dutch braided them. Thats it. I had three braids in the "tail" of this hairstyle, pinned together.
I'll admit that I still do like the way this can look, even if its not as spot on.

In the newer version, I made regular hippie braids on both sides of my head, then braided those together, and used the bottom half of my hair to make dutch lace braids (lace braids are like french braids but you only add hair into the braid on one side). This time I had TWO  braids in the "tail," although I used the same method of bobby pinning to hold them together side by side.

Having re watched the episode several hundred times I'm almost positive that they must've used some sort of thread to sew them together, and maybe the next time I do this I'll try it like that myself.

My inner Khaleesi is sated. For now.
And at least until the next GOT braid is revealed and I have another hairgasm.


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