Friday, May 27, 2011

Guru Gossip Forum

What a horrible idea. Of course everyone who watches youtube should take some of what they see, hear and learn with a grain of salt. If someone is lying AND trying to take your money in a deceitful manner, then of course something should be done to expose the problem (isn't that why we have the police, FTC, etc?...).
With that said, I have to admit though that I'm not sure I could ever feel sorry for someone who doesn't do research on products and/or plain just doesn't use their god given common sense. Do you THINK its a good idea? Does that SEEM like something you'd pay for? Sheesh.
 I've watched Michelle Phan for years (she's the biggest one they complain about, hence the reason I use her as an example). My husband was actually the one who showed me her channel, and we've always thought she was creative and funny. Sure, there are times when I think she's a little pushy with marketing herself, or the products she is now endorsing, but when I don't like it I watch something else. It takes under a second to click into another video. I can't understand watching something you don't like for how ever many minutes, then using energy to come up with something witty and snarky to say, AND THEN logging into a forum, full of strangers who only care about the witty and snarky things that THEY are writing themselves, and THEN post hateful comments.

Where's the commaraderie amongst women? Do we really all hate each other like this? Its kind of terrifying to me actually.

If I had thousands/millions of subscribers and views, I'd probably want to try and make a living from my videos too. So would you. So would anybody. I've been thinking of starting an etsy store and selling some of my handmade wares and then telling whatever audience/friends I have, about it in a video. Does that make me bad? Am I swindling my viewers? I hadn't thought so before, but now I'm not so sure.

I've read tons of the threads on the site and what I don't understand is why there are so many "cruel" things written. "She's fat. Annoying. Ugly. Needs to get punched in the face so she'll shut the #$%^ up."
What is that? When I think about the people who post those things, I imagine creeps who torture little animals...

I hate when I hear, "well she/he put herself/himself out there on the internet. What did she/he expect?"
There are so many reasons people "vlog" and communicate through youtube and many other social networking sites. Perhaps it's to market a product or service. In my instance it was to make friends and network a bit. Other times it could be to showcase a specific talent or attribute to a larger audience. And then of course vloggers are simply hoping to entertain and be entertained! I could go on and on coming up with different instances. Everybody wants and should get, their fifteen minutes...

Everyone sits behind their keyboards anonymously, and judge, but the truth is, you wouldn't approach someone you didn't like on the street and start randomly threatening them, hurl slurs at them, or use crude and inappropriate sexual remarks to try and bait them into an altercation. Passerbys would think you're a whacko, the cops would be called and you'd probably get hauled to jail for the weekend. How come the rules of common decency don't apply on the internet?

There has to be some law that protects vloggers from that kind of cyber bullying. After all, its slander. And not only can it hurt someone on an individual and personal level, it could affect their job, their income, their family, spouse, children, friends, etc....
Its really pretty terrible. Doesn't anyone read the paper or watch the news? Children have killed themselves over terrible words that have been published about them on the internet.

I think each and everyone of the girls/women who have been "trashed," on, should sue. Either sue the forum, or ban together in someway to have it shut down.

Thats enough ranting today. I'm tired.